Copy the look – Gwen Stefani

gwen stefani black outfit pleather pants blazer drmartens

Gwen Stefani is one of the best dressed female rockstars I can think of, and I believe that a lot of people will agree with me. Not only is she stunning, but she also has her own style. Today I will list some alternatives to copy her look.

Ato berlin jeans pleather angel neck black

To start off with a pair of fake leather jeans, for example these from ATO Berlin (€79,90).

drmartens burgundy red sarenza

Obviously a pair of dark red/burgundy Dr. Martens (€145,00)

draped tanktop black nelly trend

An oversized black flowy tanktop, this one is from the Nelly trend line (€7,95)

YAS Masai soft blazer asos

A long, fitted black blazer (€142,86) this one is by Y.A.S.

sunglasses sonnenbrille quay bellpop pink retro

Pink retro Quay sunglasses (€22,00)

Mac Pro Lip Palette

To finish the look: a beautiful (dark) red lipstick, choose any color from the Mac Pro palette (42,00)

And that’s it! A quite simple look which you can top off with some silver jewellery and a black leather tote bag. What’s your favourite to-go look?


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