Copy the look – Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift black outfit street style hat

Another copy the look, cause I really like to search for the worn items, and my readers seem to like it too. Taylor Swift is on today, she can pull off girly dresses, glittery robes on the red carpet, but also this preppy rock&roll outfit. Do you want to see where to buy similar pieces – then read along.

Taylor Swift bowler hat black

A black bowler hat to start, cause it’s the key piece of this outfit I would say. You can find this one by Morgan for 25 GBP.

oversized black t-shirt taylor swift asos

An oversized black T-Shirt, this one is from ASOS €25,99.

ato berlin kandy skinny black jeans high waist

A black skinny (high waist) jeans, this one is by ATO Berlin (€79,90) taylor swift red suede booties

A pair of burgundy/red suede booties, for example these (€124) by Mellow Yellow or these (€62) by I Love Shoes.

vintage black bag gold hardware

The bag is the most hard to find, it has this vintage look that you can probably find (surprisingly) in a vintage store or at a vintage market. Of course there are online vintage shops too, for example I love vintage bagz.


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