Essie nailpolish – Ballet slippers

essie ballet slippers swatch

Today I’m going to swatch and test this pretty milky pink nail polish from Essie.

As my nails are starting to grow thanks to the supplements with lots of vitamins, which you can see here, I am able to test nail polishes from now on. This is the color “ballet slippers” and it’s not a limited edition, so you can get it at all times.
essie ballet slippers swatch essie ballet slippers swatchHere are the swatches. I like the color, but it’s not so easy to apply it evenly, and it definitely needs 2 layers before it covers well. It started chipping after 5 days, which is a first for me, normally it starts chipping at day 1 – but that just had to do with the bad condition of my nails. So overall I’m pretty happy with this one!

Essie has an amazing range of colours, one nail polish costs $8,50 (buy it online for example here), or €7,95 at my favourite drugstore DM.

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