Eyeliner trick – did you know?

eyelinertrick 1

Even though I always keep my eyeliner standing up with the tip down, there is always a point where it dries out… There is a simple trick that makes your eyeliner last much longer, I’m gonna show you how in this quick photo tutorial.


All you need is your eyeliner and a tweezer. It’s important to hold the tweezer in the left hand….just kidding.


Gently pull the tip out of the pen, make sure you don’t mess up the tip by bending it.


Here you can see the magic, most of this type eyeliners have a tip at both ends!


What you do is simply turn the tip, and put it back in the pen.eyelinertrick

Again, make sure you don’t mess up either of the ends.


And there you go! Your tip is soaked again, and ready to draw a perfect wing.

Did you know this trick?

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