Raved beauty products that I’ve never tried

YSL Touche Eclat Yves Saint Laurent

There are a lot of beauty products that have been raved about, and sometimes I can’t resist and I buy it. Because I want to see for myself if it’s worth the hype (hello Urban Decay NAKED 1,2,3 & Basics), but sometimes I just can’t get myself to it. But somewhere I will stay curious, and sometimes I even throw it in my virtual shopping basket.

Yves Saint Laurent – Touché Eclat

One of the world’s most iconic products, this magic wand created in 1992 erases dark circles, fine lines, and your lack of sleep with a few strokes. It doubles as a great highlighter along the brow bone, cupid’s bow, smile lines, inner corners of the eye, or anywhere else that needs a brightening effect.

EOS lip balm egg

EOS Lip Balm

This cute little lip balm eggs are so cute! For years I’ve seen them in shopping hauls or a what’s in my bag from American youtubers, but finally I’ve seen them at drugstores around Europe too! I didn’t buy one at CVS on my L.A. trip, and I didn’t buy them when I saw them here, I held it in my hand though….should I?

Benefit benetint bene tint

Benefit – Benetint

This was actually the brand’s first product, launched in 1976 (originally called Rose Tint), and created for an exotic dancer seeking a nipple tint. The stain became popular for its ability to tint lips and cheeks, and until today it still is the brand’s best-selling item!

Armani luminous silk foundation

Giorgio Armani – Luminous Silk Foundation

I’ve read that this is Sylvie Meis her absolute favourite foundation ever (and she wasn’t the face of their campaign or anything that would make her say this :-P) so it made me curious, because her skin looks pretty flawless to me. I was holding it in my hands last week when I was in Paris, but I just bought my MAC Studio Fix Fluid where I’m super happy with recently, so I figured I shouldn’t. Or should I?

chanel le volume mascara

Chanel – Le Volume Mascara

I’ve read great reviews about this mascara. Honestly, I think that €30,00 for a mascara is a LOT of money. And I just don’t believe it’s (that much) better than my €2,95 Catrice mascara. 

Have you ever tried any of the above mentioned products, and would you recommend buying it?

4 thoughts on “Raved beauty products that I’ve never tried

  1. I haven’t tried Touche Eclat either! <3 I have the Benetint and I have to say it's definitely not worth the hype! :( I'm not a fan of it at all! :(


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