Nail shapes & nail care

nail shape 5 different personality

As you could see in my last 2 nail polish reviews here and here, my nails are still going strong!  Now that my nails are not brittle and soft anymore, I suddenly have different problems that I never thought of…

Like: which nail shape do I like best? I definitely don’t like the edge or the stiletto shaped nails, but I do like round, squoval, and square. And what is the right length? How do you keep your nails all in the same length? I always accidentally make my middle finger nail a little shorter than the rest.

essence studio nails caring nail oil nagelpflege öl

Today I got this nail oil for my cuticles and nails, which I will be writing a review on soon. And what type of nail file do you prefer, a paper, glass or diamond one?

O.P.I. glass nail file

Please let me know your tips and favourites in the comments! As soon as I’m a pro, I’ll let you know :)

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