Balayage is the new ombre

balayage blonde brunette caramel

I LOVE this new hair trend! Move over ombre, here is balayage!

balayage blonde brunette caramelbalayage blonde brunette caramel balayage blonde brunette caramel

In the last 2 pictures you can see very well what this technique is all about. It’s a combination of highlights and ombre, but handprinted. No foils, no combs, no nothing, just a brush (and a very talented hair artist who knows what he’s doing!). I think it looks best on wavy hair, but it also looks great on straight or more curly hair. For more pictures check out my Pinterest.

Would this be a hairstyle you would want to try out?

2 thoughts on “Balayage is the new ombre

  1. I love his work! I wish I had the money to get things like this with out trying to do it my self. :) I am disabled and have lupus with other auto immune diseases. With a fixed income I can’t go get it done. I let my hair grow out when I got real sick and started going to church. I would not cut it. I have fine hair. And it has never been long before. I have watch many of his videos and just love him. Guy, I think you are awesome keep up the work.
    Katy Hargis


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