Fullips – a cheaper alternative?

fillips before after review

I think that by now a lot of you have heard or read about the lip plumping/enhancing products like for example FullipsI was so eager to try this! But I also think that $20,00 is a lot of money for a piece of rubber, so I tried to find a cheaper alternative.

So what this Fullips basically is, it’s a round or oval shaped piece of rubber, that you place over your mouth, and through self-suction it gives your lips more fullness. There’s 3 different shapes:

Large round: if you’re looking for a general/overall fullness

Medium oval/small oval: if you’re looking to target specific areas (like the center of the mouth, to create “cupid lips”)

The before&after pictures and videos on youtube are quite impressive, but I figured that if I find something plastic with a similar shape, I could try to see if it works just as well. Right?

maybelline jade Augen make-up entferner waterproof remover eye makeup

So I tried to plump my lips with the top of my Maybelline make up remover bottle, I thought the shape is perfect because it fits on my lips, but….DON’T TRY THIS! The edges are too sharp and cut and damage your lips. I had to walk around with a crusty lip for a week.

So I decided to go for the original, and I ordered all 3 shapes of the Fullips Lip Enhancer.

fillips before after review

I ordered them in the Fullips Ebay Shop, and I got them about a week later in my mailbox. They come in a cute little bag, packed separately and hygienic in a box.

fillips before after review

These are the 3 shapes: medium oval, small oval, and large round.

fillips before after review

fillips before after review fillips before after review

And here’s the before and after! I used the big round one for this result.

As you can see it’s quite a big difference, especially my upper lip looks super plumped, and my lipline even looks a little faded.

It took about 2-3 hours till the plumped effect was completely gone, but you can repeat it as many times as you like. I think this is great for photo shootings, cause it’s just a temporarily effect and completely harmless, unless used wrongly.

Pay attention that you don’t suck too hard, and don’t place the Fullips Lip Enhancer on the skin around your lips too much (you only want to plump your lips and not the skin ;-)).

Are you curious to try this? Check out www.Fullips.com or the Fullips Ebay shop.

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