Flashback Friday

the spice girls nineties make up fashion

Do you remember who/what inspired you to start wearing make up? And what was your signature look back in the days?

mel c spice girls nineties tattoos eyeliner

I was a big Spice Girls fan, and I think that’s what inspired me to start wearing make-up back then. Me and some friends practised our Spice Girl-act for a playback show, and we were allowed to wear make-up yeah. I don’t really remember what it was, probably some mascara and lipgloss, but I know that I felt really pretty. I also wanted Mel C’s tattoos and nose piercing,but I think I’m happy now that I wasn’t that dedicated.

courtney love hole nineties

hema mascara

Later, inspired by the Courtney Love (Hole) poster in my room, I remember buying my first mascara and eyeliner pencil at HEMA (my fav Dutch warehouse) and creating myself my signature look which was more of an early Amy Winehouse look, but I felt really cool with it. And that’s all that mattered. Oh and the pencil was dark grey with glitters, because I couldn’t find a black one (??!!).

black glitter nail polish

I also got a nailpolish at the local drugstore, which was black with silver glitters! This was spectacular, and I shared it with my friend. I forgot the name of the brand, but I think it might have been collection 2000, which was still available in Holland back then.

claudia schiffer nineties Eighth Annual Billboard Music Awards - Arrivals


And that was my early make-up story, what is yours? How did you start wearing make-up and inspired by whom?

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