Pastel lips

Pastel inspiration

Lilac, mint, rosy pink, pretty colors for dresses and flowers, but also for lips! Lately (read: since I saw the pictures of the MAC Spring 2015 collection) my eyes have been magically attracted to anything pastel coloured, but especially lips.

 blue green pastel lipseos pastel lip balm lilac pastel hair lips lilac pastel lipstick lip swatches pastel Lip swatches pastel lipstick mac pastel lipsticks MAC who's the dj 6 lips palette swatches pastel doll lip art lipstick
pastel lip tar nailpolish pastel lips pink rosy

Matt or shiny, I love all of it, and I think I will get the MAC x Mia Moretti lip palette (Who’s the DJ), cause it contains SIX pastel shades!!!! I would definitely use it for the next photoshoot I’ve planned. And why don’t we have OCC Lip Tar in Europe!!!???  I heard the NYX Maracon shades are great too…

Let me know if you have any recommendations on pastel lip color products, have you ever tried any?

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