Lash-extensions – yay or nay?

lash extensions 3

At the moment I’m testing the Catrice lash-growth serum (I’m not sure if it’s working yet), but lately I’ve been looking a lot into lash extensions. I see more and more women with lash extensions, some are more beautiful than the others, and I’ve been thinking of getting them too.

lash extensions 6

I don’t want this though, hehe so I need to find a good salon first.

lash extensions 8

This is what I like! There are so many different types of curls though I can’t decide!

lash extensions curls different types

I think I would want a mix of B and C curl, cause I find D too much and J too flat. And I don’t want them too long either, just 8-9 mm would be long enough I think.

lash extensions 1 lash extensions 2 lash extensions 4 lash extensions 5 lash extensions 7

So many choices to make! Is it worth it? It is quite expensive, especially because you have to renew them every 4-5 weeks at least, because you loose lashes every day (like you loose hairs every day, it’s normal). And then you have to be very careful removing your eye make-up every day. You can’t use mascara (which you probably won’t need anyway) and you can’t use oily make-up remover products.

Have you have had lash-extensions, or have you ever considered it?

6 thoughts on “Lash-extensions – yay or nay?

  1. I’ve had a few friends get it and love it but no one can afford the upkeep. I stick with my 3D mascara, comb it through to get rid of any clumps, and get amazing results! Also, I had no idea you couldn’t wear mascara with extensions…I thought no one did just because you didn’t need to.

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    • Well you can wear mascara on extensions, but when you remove the mascara, you will remove some of the glue as well and so the extensions come off…:-S what 3D mascara is that you use?


      • I use Younique! (Full disclosure: I sell it but started using it before i started my business) Check out my blog or email me – we will be available in Germany in July

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  2. I was thinking about this yesterday! I see too many girls going over the top and looking like cheap and grumpy prostitutes (just like choosing hairextensions that are 3 times longer than their own hair) i think it can be nice, but i would be afraid that it ruins my own lashes.

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    • I know! There’s too many girls with too many or too long lash extensions. And it looks horrible when there’s holes in between them, when you’re waiting too long to fill them in.


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