Socks shopping spree

Socks 1

I decided to stop buying black socks, because I hate to sort them out after washing them! I have so many different types of black socks, and I HATE wearing an uneven pair (different height, different elastic band, stuff like that).

So I thought I needed socks in colors, prints and patterns, and where’s a better place to find it other than H&M :-D

Socks 2 Socks 3 Socks 4 Socks 5 Socks 6 Socks 7 Socks 8 Socks 9 Socks 10Socks 13 Socks 11 Socks 12

BUT dear H&M: would you please stop putting even-coloured socks in between the patterned ones? Just leave the boring socks with the boring socks, and the flamingo socks with the flamingo socks, thank you very much :-)

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