Noooo! Skin rash alert!

uitslag -

Remember I was so happy with the Garnier make-up remover? Well, seems like the skin around my eyes isn’t so satisfied with it… :-(

Today, when I was wanting to remove my eye make-up, I left my cotton pad with remover on my eyes a little longer than usual while I was watching tv. I think it was about 1 minute per eye, and I wasn’t looking in the mirror while doing it. When I went back to the bathroom to wash the rest of my face, I noticed this unusual redness around my eyes. I didn’t even rub it onto my eyes… Yikes!

uitslag 2

uitslag 1

I’m not sure what caused this rash, am I allergic to something in this make-up remover? Or did I just leave it on for too long? Should I stop using the product right away or was it my own fault?

Did any of you experience a same sort of skin rash?

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