Balea – Body oil Seelenzart

Balea Body-öl Seelenzart

It’s seriously dangerous to have a DM drugstore right under your gym…it’s so tempting to go in there when I “accidentally” forgot my body lotion or something. So that was the case yesterday, and I decided to go for a body-oil ’cause I my skin has been so dry lately. It’s only €3,25 and I’m loving it already!

Balea Body-öl Seelenzart

Balea Body-öl Seelenzart

Not really a surprise, a lot of oils in it, and some perfume. Usually I’m not a fan or perfume in beauty products (especially for face products) but in this case I have to say that I LOVE THE SMELL! So I’m ok with it on this one ;-)

Balea Body-öl Seelenzart

The oil is really liquidy, so don’t take too much at a time cause it will just run off your skin.

Balea Body-öl Seelenzart

But look at how fast it soaks into the skin! Not even an oily shimmer, it’s not sticky and not greasy either. As I said I’m loving this product and it surely makes it less of a pain in the ass to moist my skin after a shower. I usually hate to do it and therefor skip it most of the time. If you’re at a DM drugstore anytime soon, definitely check this one out!

Balea Body-Öl Seelenzart is available for €3,25 at every DM Drugstore.

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