MAC Wash & dry collection (the brow)

Mac wash & dry A very summery MAC collection WITH special packaging! Unfortunately the packaging is always a good reason to buy something. This is a quite big summer collection from MAC, with bronzer, lipstick, lipglass, nail polish, and a big range of brow products too! Look further for more pictures and pricing.

Mac wash & dry highlight powder

Highlight powder $35,50/€35,00

Freshen up

Mac wash & dry eyeshadow palette

Veluxe pearlfusion shadow trio $27,50/€31,50

Warm wash

Green clean

Permanent press

Mac wash & dry Technakohl liner

Technakohl liner $17,50/€20,00

Coin operated

Colour matters

Practise makes perfect


Mac wash & dry powder blush

Powder blush $24,50/€27,00


Crisp whites

Mac wash & dry bronzing powder

Bronzing powder $27,50/€31,00

Matte brinze

Refined golden

Mac wash & dry studio sculpt defining bronzing powder

Studio sculpt defining bronzing powder $35,50/€34,00

Golden rinse


Mac wash & dry lipstick lipglass

Lipstick $17,50/€22,00 

Creme d´nude


Steam heat

Tumble dry

Lipglass $16,50/€19,00

Laundry list


Girl on board

Domestic diva

Mac wash & dry pro longwear waterproof brow

Pro longwear waterproof brow set $17,00/€19,00

Brown ebony

Bold brunette

Emphatically blonde

Quiet brunette

Red chestnut

Toasted blonde

Mac wash & dry fluidline brow gel

Fluidline brow gelcreme $16,00/€21,00

Deep dark brunette


Dirty blonde

Ash blonde

True brunette
Mac wash & dry

Eye brows $16,00/€19,00




Brow set (gel) $16,00/€19,00


Mac wash & dry

Nail laquer $13,50/€12,00

Monday blues


Mac wash & dry the modern brow

The collection also contains a mascara, 2 brushes and a make-up bag that I haven’t shown here, but you can find it in the MAC webshop or at any MAC counter or pro-store that sells the Wash&dry collection. The collection is available online already (it was released May 14th) and will be in stores tomorrow (May 21st).

wash&dry lipstick gif mac

Which products catched your attention? I’m definitely attracted to the bronzing powders, the highlight powder, and I’m dying to try the brow fluid line in ash blonde to see if the color is right! I’ve tried dirty blonde before but it’s too much red for me.

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