Tannning products

st-tropez-spray-tan copy

My skin is naturally very pale, and every summer I am in doubt about wearing shorts or skirts with my pale legs or not. I love using tanning products, but I had to do it many many times before I found out how to do it right. Read further for some tanning tips and tricks, and my favourites!


The easiest and most beautiful way, is also the most expensive way: the spray tan, or airbrush tanning. I did this a couple of times and it really is the best result, but it does cost about €30 each time, and it holds for a maximum of 2 weeks like every other tanning product. If you go do this, take some dark, loose clothes with you for afterwards, because it won’t dry very fast and if you put on a bra or something tight, you will take a risk of damaging the even color and you will get stripes.

tanning shower 1

Second is the tanning shower, I haven’t tried this one myself, but a friend of mine did and the results are pretty great, just not as great as the airbrush tanning. Obviously, because the airbrush tanning is done by hand and the tanning shower is automatic.

garnier tanning spray

sundance dm selbstbräuner spray

Third is the tanning spray that you can do at home. Available at any drugstore, cheap or expensive, and honestly I haven’t really seen a difference between the cheapest one from DM’s own brand for €2,95, and more expensive brands like L’Oreal or Garnier. I like to do this in the evening, before I go to sleep. It only needs a minute to dry, and you can go to bed right afterwards. Just make sure you don’t have white or light coloured sheets on your bed! Also, if you use this on your face (which is perfectly fine) use it AFTER washing your face, and wait about 10 minutes before you put on your night cream. The best is if you make one round shape movement with the spray on your face, one up-and-down movement, and one left-to-right, to make sure you cover all the spaces around your nose and eyes.

loreal sublime bronze tanning moussetanning mitt

A tanning mousse or foam is a great alternative, and what I like about these is that they normally have an instant color effect. So you can exactly see where you’re putting it, and make sure to put it on evenly. Less chance to stripes which is a big plus! The best is to use this type of product with a tanning mitt, which is a glove of a foamy structured material, that helps to spread it out evenly.

loreal sublime bronze

My least favourite method is a tanning lotion or gel, because it takes so long for it to dry, and I have the feeling that it smells more than a spray. The results are pretty nice though, if you use a tanning mitt too.

Do you ever use tanning products, and which ones are your favourites?

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