Essence Colour Intensifying Base

Essence Colour Intensifying Base

I just wanted a while nail polish, and I was doubting between Essence and Sally Hansen gel polish. I’ve never tried a Sally Hansen nail polish, but still I chose the Essence one simply because it’s only €1,55 :-D

Essence Colour Intensifying Base

Essence calls this a “base polish” to intensify other nail polishes, but I think it’s perfect as a nail polish on its own. This is 2 layers, and even without a topcoat it lasts for 3 days without chipping which is AMAZING for weak nails like mine. I can imagine that it holds even longer with a good topcoat.

If you’re looking for a cheap white nail polish, go for this one. The structure is nice, not too thick and not too thin, the brush has round edges which I like because it makes it easier to apply. And the best of all, like I already mentioned before, it’s only €1,55!!

Essence is available at several drugstores like DM.

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