Lash-extensions – yay or nay?

lash extensions 3

At the moment I’m testing the Catrice lash-growth serum (I’m not sure if it’s working yet), but lately I’ve been looking a lot into lash extensions. I see more and more women with lash extensions, some are more beautiful than the others, and I’ve been thinking of getting them too.

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Catrice Lash Boost Growth Overnight Serum review – Day 1

Catrice Lash Boost Growth Overnight Serum -

I love to see before&after pictures of lash-growth serums, the most popular and known one is of course Revitalash. That’s like $100 and I can only buy it online, which kind of stops me from buying it. But when I saw this lash-boost serum from Catrice for only €4,95 of course I couldn’t say no!

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