Essence Colour Intensifying Base

Essence Colour Intensifying Base

I just wanted a while nail polish, and I was doubting between Essence and Sally Hansen gel polish. I’ve never tried a Sally Hansen nail polish, but still I chose the Essence one simply because it’s only €1,55 :-D

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China Glaze – Thistle do nicely

China glaze thistle do nicely swatchMy first ever China Glaze nail polish had to be this neon coral color called Thistle do nicely. I bought it at a shopping mall called Aeroville in Paris, while I was there for just a night and I had 2 hours to get some shopping done. Look further if you want to see the swatches!

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O.P.I. – I’m not really a waitress

OPI Im not really a waitress

Is it getting boring yet, my nail polish reviews? I just can’t stop trying new colours now that I have the feeling I can show off my almost perfect nails. This time I decided to take home this gorgeous classic red by O.P.I., it’s called I’m not really a waitress.

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