Socks shopping spree

Socks 1

I decided to stop buying black socks, because I hate to sort them out after washing them! I have so many different types of black socks, and I HATE wearing an uneven pair (different height, different elastic band, stuff like that).

So I thought I needed socks in colors, prints and patterns, and where’s a better place to find it other than H&M :-D

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20%-35% on Paula’s Choice products!

paulas choice skin recovery set discount -1

I already have experience with Paula’s Choice skincare products, but I’ve never reviewed any for my site yet. I thought I’d order a few products cause my cleansing products are almost finished. Now this week is a good moment to order some goodies at Paula’s Choice, because I have a 20% discount code, and some products are already 15% off!

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Raw Materials Amsterdam

Raw materials amsterdam

My mom&sister took me to this fantastic place while I was in Amsterdam the past weekend, and oh my this is such an inspirational and cool place! Definitely stop by if you like raw/industrial interior stuff. They also have a lot of recycled things, for example tables from recycled wood, and awesome table lamps made from old motorcycle parts.

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Things you regret you never bought

Maxfield Los Angeles Designer Fringe Boots Bootees Wedge Black Leather

We all have pieces in our wardrobe that we regret spending money on, right? Over the years I sold or gave away most of those pieces, and now I actually think before I buy something.

But sometimes I think too long, decide to not buy it (for the moment), and afterwards I regret getting it. And then it’s sold out or disappeared in a black hole where I will never find it again. But I will never forget about it either, and it will haunt me for the rest of my life.

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