Alverde Cleansing Powder (Reinigungspuder)

Alverde Naturkosmetik Reinigungspuder -1

Alverde is a brand I haven’t tried many things of, besides a concealer and a foundation some time ago. I’m a sucker for packaging and usually their packaging is a little dull, green (their products are organic), so I’m usually not very attracted to their products. I know it’s a bad reason, but when I saw this cleansing powder in this cute package, I thought it was time to get it for a review, and this might be a really good start!

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Removing your make up daily

maybelline jade Augen make-up entferner waterproof remover eye makeup

I wash my face and securely remove ALL of my make up – every night, even when I get home early in the morning after partying too hard. I just can’t imagine to go sleep with make up on my face, I think it happened to me once or twice in my life that I accidentally fell asleep with make up on my face, and it felt horrible when I woke up. Now I read a story a while ago that I have to share, it’s too crazy to believe; a Korean girl didn’t wash her face for 2. entire. years. What?!

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Elizabeth Arden – Eight Hour Cream Fragrance Free

Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream fragrance free-3

I think I don’t need to explain most of you what Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream is, but for those who don’t know: this is a greasy cream that makes your lips softer than any lip balm or vaseline does. If you want to read and see more of the 8 hour cream, or if you’re curious what those pink lips have to do with it, then read along.

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Biafine Emulsao

This product is officially a treatment for 1st and 2nd degree burns. It creates a perfect moist environment for the healing process of burns, and isolates the wound from harmful germs and other external contamination….but I love to use this every now and then simply as a moisturizer for the night. If you want to read more about the ingredients, and why I love it so much, read along.

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